How High Will Your State's Minimum Wage Be on January 1, 2017?
How High Will Your State s Minimum Wage Be on January 1 2017
Peggy Emch, Author at HR, Payroll, and Employee Management Tips for Small Business
Peggy Emch Author at HR Payroll and Employee Management Tips for Small Business
Minimum Wage Going Up in Many Communities: Is Your Business Affected? - Small Business Trends
Minimum Wage Going Up in Many Communities Is Your Business Affected - Small Business Trends
List of US Minimum Wage Increases in 2018 | Deputy®
List of US Minimum Wage Increases in 2018 Deputy
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2018 federal and state minimum wage rates : 2018 Federal and State Minimum Wage Rates. Feb 20, 2018 | Employment Law & HR Topics, State & Federal Employment Law Updates, Wage & Hour. What is the minimum wage for 2018? The minimum wage rate is the lowest hourly pay that can be awarded to workers, also known as a pay floor. ... The following information includes current state and federal ...This will take the count for 2018 minimum wage rate increases to 35 cities and counties and 21 states. The Balance has listed out minimum wages rates for each state and also mentions whether there has been an increase in the hourly minimum wage. Of these states, 20 have increased the minimum wageThe Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour and became effective July 24, 2009. You can find the provisions for the Federal Minimum Wage in the Fair Labor Stadards Act (FLSA). Many of the states and territories have minimum wage laws and where federal and state laws have different minimum wage rates the higher standard applies.That challenge is becoming even more daunting with the recent rise in local and state mandates for regulations like paid sick leave, state tax changes, pay equity laws and minimum wage increases. In 2019, nineteen states across the country will increase their minimum wage requirements for workers.On September 15, 2017, the Department of Labor published a notice in the Federal Register to announce that, beginning January 1, 2018, the Executive Order 13658 minimum wage rate is increased to $10.35 per hour (82 FR 43408).This Executive Order minimum wage rate generally must be paid to workers performing work on or in connection with covered federal contracts.The minimum wage in Ohio is $8.30 an hour: higher than the 2018 federal minimum wage, but a far cry from California’s $11 or Washington state’s $11.50.On July 1, 2018, the Portland minimum wage was increased from $10.68 to $10.90. Because the state minimum wage rose to $11.00 on January 1, 2019, it now supercedes the Portland minimum. However, Portland’s minimum wage is likely to exceed the state minimum when it is raised on July 1. $5.50: $5.00 to $5.50, effective 1-1-2019The General Assembly of Pennsylvania, in 2006, via Act 2006-112, amended the Minimum Wage Act and raised the state’s minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $6.25 on Jan. 1, 2007, and to $7.15 on July 1, 2007. The minimum wage had last been raised in 1997. Effective July 24, 2009, the federal minimum wage increased from $6.55 an hour to $7.25.The federal minimum wage provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. Many states also have minimum wage laws. Some state laws provide greater employee protections; employers must comply with both. The FLSA does ...
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