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donate dictionary : Donate definition, to present as a gift, grant, or contribution; make a donation of, as to a fund or cause: to donate used clothes to the Salvation Army. See more.Donate definition is - to make a gift of; especially : to contribute to a public or charitable cause. How to use donate in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near donate. dona nobis pacem. donary. donatary. donate. donated stock. donatee. donate/give blood. Phrases Related to donate. donate/give blood. Statistics for donate.Define donate. donate synonyms, donate pronunciation, donate translation, English dictionary definition of donate. v. do·nat·ed , do·nat·ing , do·nates v. tr. 1. To present as a gift to a fund or cause; contribute. 2. Medicine To provide for transfusion, implantation, or...Donation definition, an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution. See more.donate definition: 1. to give money or goods to help a person or organization: 2. to allow some of your blood or a part of your body to be used for medical purposes: 3. to give something, esp. to an organization, without wanting anything in exchange: . Learn more.From Longman Business Dictionary donate do‧nate / dəʊˈneɪtˈdoʊneɪt / verb [transitive] to give money or something valuable to a person or organization in order to help them donate something to somebody Laurance S. Rockefeller donated $21 million to Princeton University for a center to study and teach human values. — donation noun ...Define donation. donation synonyms, donation pronunciation, donation translation, English dictionary definition of donation. n. 1. The act of giving to a fund or cause. 2. A gift or grant. n 1. the act of giving, esp to a charity 2. a contribution n. 1. an act or instance of...donation definition: 1. money or goods that are given to help a person or organization, or the act of giving them: 2. something of value such as money or goods that is given to help a person or organization such as a charity, or the act of giving this money, etc.: . Learn more.To donate means to give something — money, goods, or time — to some cause, such as a charity. The word has a more altruistic meaning than does simply "giving"; it suggests that you don't expect anything in return for the contribution.Donation definition is - the act or an instance of donating: such as. How to use donation in a sentence.
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